In the oldest times the territory of Tbilisi was covered by forest. According to the very nice legend, Tbilisi like a city was founded by one of the Kings of Georgia Vakhtang Gorgasali. The legend says that one day King went hunting in the present areas of Tbilisi with his falcon. After some time he noticed that his falcon disappeared, when he went to check for the falcon, he saw that falcon injured the peasant and both of them fell down nearby warm spring and died. He was so impressed about the fact that in the middle of the forest he found warm springs and decided to cut the forest and built the city with a name Tbilisi. “Tbili” in Georgian language means warm. So from the word “Tbili” the name of the city is coming. Tbilisi became the capital of United Georgia from the fifth century. Tbilisi was many time occupied and destroyed by many different invaders. Tbilisi is one of the ancient cities in Georgia, which is full of history and unique historical places. The pearl of the city is “Old city” from where the history of the city is coming. Walking in the areas of “Old city” you can see a lot of historical monuments and enjoy a real beauty of the city.
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Tbilisi City tour

Duration of Tbilisi City tour – 3-4 hours.